Is The Only Question Podcast Right for Me?

    You’re a writer, not a marketing expert.  That’s why your audience hasn’t found you yet.

    Are you feeling like you are invisible as a writer?  If you’re frustrated and tired of the uphill battle for recognition for your writing, The Only Question Podcast offers you a new, substantial means of marketing and promoting your brand as a writer.  Our independent writers’ podcast unifies a collective marketing effort to promote local and emerging talent.  All you have to do is write well, be yourself and record your work for The Only Question Podcast.  In marketing the podcast, our marketing experts use our collective marketing approach to give your brand as a writer exposure, association and visibility.

    The Only Question Podcast is not a how-to course or a series of marketing steps you must perform yourself.  It’s a long-term association with a substantial marketing effort for independent, emerging writers.  Your work appears on our podcast and your writer profile appears on our web site.  Your story and performance showcase the unique qualities that make you special as a writer.  With each podcast download and web site visit, your digital footprint expands, directing your audience back to your brand and available work.

    There are no ongoing fees and you retain the rights to your work.   You write, you keep what you write and get the exposure you need to find your audience. 


    Tell us a great 2250-word short story for one local character prompt.  Show us your voice, your imagination and the skills that make you an emerging writer worthy of attention.  Submit your story for consideration.


    Writers selected for the podcast will work with one of our professional content editors who help the writer fully develop the story.  After our editing process, the short story will be publishable and suitable for podcast performance.


    Writers record their 15-minute short story at a professional audio recording studio guided by an expert audio production engineer.  The writer enhances the voice and unique creative properties of the story through performance.

    What is The Only Question?

    All the elements of literature somehow draw characters to one question: Who am I?

    That is The Only Question.

    In their own unique voices, the writers selected for our podcast address The Only Question about their local character prompts.  Across twenty-four stories in eight episodes, character, plots, genres, styles and themes vary with each writer.  Only one element unifies every story to the whole: the local influences shared by all the writers.  The stories answer the question, “Who am I?”  Each season, the local influences answers the question, “Who are we?”

    Meet the character prompts for Dallas/Fort Worth’s Season 1.
    Which one speaks to you? 

    Make the most of 2250 words and tell us a story.  Tell us who he or she really is.  Does the character learn more about himself or herself?  Or is that a realization reserved just for the reader?  Is the journey comical, dramatic or bittersweet? 

    Writers are welcome to explore any theme in their short story for The Only Question.  Use this blank page to show us why you are an emerging writer worthy of notice.    


    Linda, 48

    It’s time for a new hobby, new friends, a job, maybe even a new Linda. Learn more about Linda in Dallas Prompts.

    Accepting submissions for Linda for Season 1.


    Lauren, 31

    Learning to come out of her introverted shell hasn’t been comfortable for Lauren. She doesn’t know what to do with all the attention she gets from men. Learn more about Lauren in Dallas Prompts .

    Accepting submissions for Lauren for Season 1.


    Michael, 45

    Michael broke up with Paul, his partner of ten years and moved out. He’s taken a year to get fit physically, emotionally and spiritually. Learn more about Michael in Dallas Prompts.

    Accepting submissions for Michael for Season 1.


    Andre, 35

    Focused and driven to excel, Andre fully commits to peak performance in his fitness and his career. Learn more about Andre in Dallas Prompts.

    Accepting submissions for Andre for Season 1.


    Eileen, 75

    If Eileen made the wrong choice fifty years earlier, she wouldn’t have her family or her legacy. Learn more about Eileen in Dallas Prompts.

    Accepting submissions for Eileen for Season 1.


    Dolores, 56

    Dolores is tested on how far she is willing to go to protect her daughter, Maria, and her granddaughter, Sofia. Learn more about Dolores in Dallas Prompts.

    Accepting submissions for Season 1.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Only Question Podcast is seeking writers for its debut season this year in 2018.   As it is new, we are getting plenty of questions! 

    Is The Only Question Podcast pay-to-publish?

    No.  The Only Question Podcast only owns the performance rights specifically for the podcast.  Writers who appear on The Only Question Podcast retain the publishing rights to their work.

    If I need more editing time than is allotted, how is that handled?

    If you need more than the two editor passes built into your production fee, you may purchase additional late-stage editor sessions on our web site.

    Learn more at

    “Yes, marketing yourself as a writer is a hard, time-consuming and expensive task that takes you away from what you love to do: write. I made The Only Question Podcast to change all that.”

    Donald Griswold is an author who also owns a successful small business marketing company, Dog Star Media.  Donald wrote an open letter to other independent authors struggling to find their audiences.  

    Submission Fee: $15

    Submit your story for consideration.  Two of our expert content editors will review your submission to determine if it qualifies for The Only Question Podcast. There are no additional fees or risks.  Must be 18 to submit a story to The Only Question Podcast.

    Production & Marketing Fee: $350

    Writers whose stories are selected for The Only Question Podcast have a tremendous opportunity for ongoing marketing and promotion for their brand and work.  The Only Question Podcast’s production and marketing fee is a one-time fee.

    Independent Writers, We Want To Hear From You!

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